What you Should Know about the Female Orgasm

For women, orgasms are more than just another pleasurable occurrence. Rather, they are a health consideration that can affect the wellness of the female mind and body.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding women and orgasms. They are not as complex as some people presume, but there is definitely a lot more that people should know about female orgasms.

These facts, in particular, are worth exploring:

1.) Pain relief

Believe it or not, orgasms can actually relieve pain. From arthritis to aches from surgery and even the torture of childbirth, orgasms have the power to relieve all manner of pain.female orgasm According to medical science, when a woman has an orgasm, the body releases oxytocin which initiates relaxation along with a positive emotional state.

In this, orgasms can assuage mild aches and pain, though this relief is usually temporary (ten minutes or so). So next time your migraine strikes, consider having sex.

2.) Condoms’ effect

The idea that condoms diminish a woman's ability to have an orgasm (along with debilitating the quality of the orgasm) is a myth. On a whole, condoms do not affect a woman's sexual experience, especially with regards to the quality of her orgasm.

3.) No orgasms

Do not beat yourself up if you don’t always reach the climax. This is a common problem for women. At least one in every three women struggles to reach an orgasm when they have sexual intercourse. Female sexual dysfunction is a prominent issue today, with many women only recently realizing that they can actually seek medical assistance for the problems they encounter in the bedroom.

4.) The importance of self-esteem

Self-esteem can actually impact a woman’s ability to have an orgasm. According to medical science, a woman’s low opinion of her body can negatively affect the quality of her orgasm. Such psychological complications can usually be solved through psychological treatment options.

5.) Time to reach an orgasm

It takes most women a rather long time to get to the climax, at least when compared to most men. However, that is actually quite normal. A lot of women require up to 20 minutes or even longer to climax. In such situations, couples are encouraged to find common ground, with the man slowing down to meet the needs of his female partner. Sexology has worked out several techniques and even treatments that can help men last longer in bed in order to accommodate the needs of their female partners.

It should be noted that while many men are mystified by the subject of women’s sexuality, especially when it comes to the female orgasm, many women are just as confused about such subject. Sometimes it takes a woman a long time to explore and understand her sexual attributes.