What Women Want…

Sexual intercourse is as important to women as it is to men. However, most studies in this area focus on what men think about women and sex. In fact, even television advertisements touching on alcohol, cigarettes, and cars emphasis on what men want from women. Fortunately, a recent survey conducted by Cosmopolitan magazine revealed what women want from men during sexual intercourse.

The magazine polled 2.500 women asking them how long a man should last in bed. Those in favor of 10 minutes or above represented 70% of all the women polled. Interestingly, the most common answer among this lot of women was 15 to 25 minutes. Only 20% preferred a maximum of 10 minutes while less than 10% preferred 3 minutes or less.girls This data means that most women would prefer men to last twice as long as the average man lasts in bed.

The psychological impact of premature ejaculation

It is now clear that women have high expectations when it comes to sex. It may not always be possible for male partners to meet these expectations when they perform at an average level. That means it is even worse for those who perform below average. More specifically, men who suffer from premature ejaculation have a huge problem meeting their partner's expectations.

A recent study found that 17% of men have self-esteem issues. Another 17% felt dissatisfied with their sexual pleasure while 23% felt that their condition was a strain on their relationship. These statistics show that dealing with this problem might help many men to avoid such feelings of despair. It would also improve their love life.

Delay creams and sprays

The best way of dealing with premature ejaculation is to delay ejaculation because preventing it might lead to serious consequences for your reproductive health. Delaying ejaculation is possible using specialized sprays and creams. In a recent study of 300 men highlighted in the Sun, delay sprays prolonged sexual intercourse for men who used them by 0.6 to about 3.8 minutes. These sprays work by desensitizing the penis, and one should use them at least 5 minutes before sex.

Currently, over 100 different types of delay creams and sprays exist. The primary advantage of these products over drugs such as Viagra is that the side effects are minimal for the person using them. However, one should remember that desensitization may reduce the pleasure felt by both man and woman during sexual intercourse.