The Ways to Help Cope with Chronic Pain

Doctors do not exactly understand chronic pain. They can make a few educated guesses but they do not really understand the condition. That will not stop them from pumping your body with all manner of chemicals that are likely to do more harm than actually extinguish your aches.

If you have chronic pain, these home remedies and treatments might do your body more good than the lotions and pills your doctor is offering.

1. Meditation

Today doctors seem to encourage meditation for everything. However, the act is especially useful for individuals dealing with chronic pain. When done right, meditation will not only relieve your pain but also combat any anxiety and depression you might be dealing with.

A thirty-minute meditation session will leave you feeling reinvigorated.

2. Exercise

It might sound clich├ęd but exercise will do your body a whole world of good. Vigorous activities encourage the human body to produce endorphins, natural painkillers that will not only increase your pain threshold but also change the way your brain perceives pain.older woman meditating

Start with slight and then slowly rise to more intense workouts. You might be surprised by the impact it will have on your never ending pain and aches.

3. Warm water

Take some time to soak your body in warm water. The act will relieve pain and spasms in your muscles. It will also do wonders for arthritis, especially if you add essential oils and Epsom salt to your bathtub.

A soak in warm water is also encouraged before an intense workout; it will make your exercise routine more tolerable.

4. An adequate intake of water

As with exercise and meditation, doctors are always encouraging patients to drink plenty of water, and for good reason. Water not only helps your body eliminate toxins from the muscles but it also helps transport nutrients and oxygen across the different organs of the body. Along with preventing constipation, staying hydrated should reduce stiffness.

5. Resveratrol

You can find this compound in wine, grapes, and berries. Best known for fighting cancer and protecting the brain, recent studies have suggested that resveratrol might also regulate pain on a cellular level. While studies into this matter are still relatively scarce, the research shows a lot of promise in future.

6. Acupuncture

This ancient Chinese practice is supposed to balance the natural energy pathways in the body, relieving pain in the process. Practitioners skillfully insert needles into specific areas of the body.

7. Cloves

Cloves have an active ingredient known as eugenol which is a natural pain reliever. People have been known to apply tiny amounts of clove oil on their gums to control aches related to the mouth, though, the quantity applied matters.