The Pros and Cons of Oral Sex

Some time back, oral sex used to be something that was practiced by a few couples. Things have changed today as it’s being reported that 80% of 25 to 34 years olds have opted for oral sex. Though not everyone’s cup of tea, oral sex has its pros and cons. Check them out below:

Pros of oral sex

Oral sex spices up relationships. While the conventional sex is in itself pleasuring, oral sex can make both men and women achieve climax and intense orgasms. In fact, oral sex has been found to be an effective part of foreplay. Men in particular find oral sex to be effective especially for older males who have difficulties with potency.oral sex with banana

When a person climaxes, oxytocin is released in the body. In fact, the body starts to intensively produce the hormone during cuddling and petting. This is a naturally occurring hormone that is said to lower stress and depression. In addition to making people feel good, it also helps to relieve mild pains and helps people sleep well afterward.

Beyond the physical pleasure, psychologists suggest that oral sex builds the level of trust in relationships. This is because both cunnilingus and fellatio are very intimate sexual acts, so it has to be a person that you trust to practice either form of oral sex.

Oral sex has also been associated with other benefits including anti-aging properties, reduction in the risk of breast cancer in women, healthy pregnancy, blood pressure control, and prevention of unwanted pregnancy among others.

Cons of oral sex

Oral sex puts its participants into contact with the skin and some body fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids, urine, which could contain disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Even though you may not swallow these substances, spitting them out afterwards is not a guarantee of safety. Diseases such as herpes, chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, syphilis, and even HIV could be transmitted from one partner to the next through oral sex.

Much like other sex acts, performing oral sex for the first time might feel weird. It may also be uncomfortable and even disgusting for some people. There are also categories of individuals for whom oral sex is unacceptable in virtue of moral, cultural, or religious notions.

Even though many people become absolutely comfortable with oral sex after they practice it for some time, some people just don’t like it and can’t bring themselves to enjoy it. For these people, acts of oral sex are just something not associated with pleasure. If one partner in a couple loves oral sex and the other partner doesn’t, then there’s bound to be a problem.

The cons of oral sex should not deter fans of this kind of sex from enjoying what they relish the most. Condoms and special dental dams have been availed to make these acts even safer than traditional sex.