Studies & Findings

Merritt Hawkins Conducts a Study on Physicians in the US

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors of the US economy. In fact, the number of visits to see a physician in the US is about 1.2 billion appointments each year. During these visits, physicians address the various needs patients have. They include both minor concerns and life-threatening conditions.

Unfortunately, the level of morale…

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New Approach to Fighting Bacteria May Save many Lives

Antibiotic resistance is a real problem that is not receiving the types of media coverage that it warrants. The basics of the story are that after many decades of overusing antibiotics, bacteria are now becoming immune to their effects. While the threat is still at a…

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Simplifying Diagnosis with a Revolutionary Optical Magnetic Field Sensor

Danish researchers at the UCPH (University of Copenhagen) created a sensor capable of detecting extremely low intensity magnetic fields generated by the activity of human cells, such as neurons and heart’s muscle cells. The human body, like those of all animals, overflows with electrical impulses, which generate weak magnetic fields. These fields…

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Male Breadwinners Suffer From Low Psychological Well-being

Gender roles are as old as civilization itself especially when it comes to what duties men and women should perform within the family setting. For example, most of the contemporary societies claim that men should provide income for the household while their wives take care of the children. These gender roles may seem reasonable and harmless at first,…

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