Sex Life

3 most Common Misbeliefs about Bisexual People

A non-traditional sexual orientation of an individual is a very controversial issue that has been analyzed and studied by a big number of scientists all around the world. However, there is also another a group of people who are neither gay nor straight, but they could be loosely described as a “combination” of both. These people are called bisexual…

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Improving your Sex Life

Analyzing it from one perspective, sex is a hormone-driven, emotional and physical function. However, this view is narrow as it doesn’t reflect how complex the human sexual responses are. Apart from the biochemical forces in play, your sexuality will be shaped by your expectations and experiences. In order to experience a good sex life, you must…

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What Women Want…

Sexual intercourse is as important to women as it is to men. However, most studies in this area focus on what men think about women and sex. In fact, even television advertisements touching on alcohol, cigarettes, and cars emphasis on what men want from women. Fortunately, a recent survey conducted by Cosmopolitan

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Maintaining a Strong Intimate Relationship

For anyone in an intimate relationship the key to keeping that relationship strong is to make sure that there is open and honest communication between both parties. The foundation of any strong relationship is trust and honesty. Without trust and honesty feelings of mistrust can start, and in many cases this is the beginning of the end for a relationship.


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Circumcision: an Ancient Practice that Hasn’t Lost its Popularity up to this Day

Some traditions in human society date as far back as ancient Egypt. Circumcision happens to be one of these ancient practices that still live on today. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that the number of males circumcised in 2007 is slightly over 664.5 million males. This statistic only includes…

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Unfortunately, not all women have been able to enjoy sexual activities fully due to various reasons. Unlike the case in men where the ED pills can easily solve some of their sexual problems, women’s conditions always tend to be more complex in nature.

Female sexual dysfunction, for example, is a sexual issue that prevents a woman from enjoying…

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The Pros and Cons of Oral Sex

Some time back, oral sex used to be something that was practiced by a few couples. Things have changed today as it’s being reported that 80% of 25 to 34 years olds have opted for oral sex. Though not everyone’s cup of tea, oral sex has its pros and cons. Check them out below:

Pros of oral sex

Oral sex spices up relationships. While…

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Low Sex Drive in Men and Women

Contemporary Western societies are as close to being obsessed with sex as they’ve ever been. Sexuality is flaunted everywhere, from television to the internet, and while some are completely appreciative of the sexual freedom our age grants, phenomena like “slut-shaming”, a movement which embarrasses women who flaunt their sexuality, gain popularity…

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What you Should Know about the Female Orgasm

For women, orgasms are more than just another pleasurable occurrence. Rather, they are a health consideration that can affect the wellness of the female mind and body.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding women and orgasms. They are not as complex as some people presume, but there is definitely a lot more that people should know about…

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