New Study Shows that a Prolonged Lifespan can be Achieved Not by the Paleo Diet but its Opposite

A balanced and healthy diet is one of the most important parts of not only maintaining an ideal body weight but also prevent the development of various unwanted medical conditions. There are literally hundreds of different diet plans available that are guaranteed to fulfill the needs of every single one of us. However, some of them have more important…

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Nutrition for the Heart

Finding foods that are healthy for the heart is easier than you could have ever imagined. You will also be surprised that they taste good and are readily available. Reportedly, cardiovascular disease (CVD) ranks top in the causes of deaths in America. Health experts remind these statistics to people leading sedentary…

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4 Common Yet Underrated Foods

There’s a lot of talk about superfoods and certain items, some of them quite novelty and hard to get your hands on, which you should include in your diet. However, there are also a lot of common foods, some of which you might already have in your pantry and eat regularly, that are also really good for you but not half as famous. Today we’re going…

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