New Study Shows that a Prolonged Lifespan can be Achieved Not by the Paleo Diet but its Opposite

A balanced and healthy diet is one of the most important parts of not only maintaining an ideal body weight but also prevent the development of various unwanted medical conditions. There are literally hundreds of different diet plans available that are guaranteed to fulfill the needs of every single one of us. However, some of them have more important and long term benefits than others. One of these benefits is the extension of our lifespan to the maximum degree possible.Paleo woman

Perhaps the top choice for the people who aim at achieving the aforementioned result is the famous Paleo diet. The term “paleo” is short for Paleolithic and according to the beliefs of some people, the key to a prolonged life is eating what people ate back in the Paleolithic Era, a period of time that started about two and a half million years ago and ended around 10.000 B.C., when the Ice Age was over.

This diet offers low quantities of carbohydrates and high quantities of proteins to our body. However, a new study reveals that the desired effect can be achieved by doing the exact opposite.

What the Paleo diet aims at is increasing the concentration of FGF21, a hormone that is produced by our liver. It is known among scientists as the “fountain of youth hormone” because of its contribution to improving the quality and also the duration of our lives. A re-examination of that hormone and extensive testing of its mechanism of action showed that the best nutrition plan is the one that offers low amounts of proteins but high amounts of carbohydrates. This theory was also proven by a team of researchers from the Charles Perkins University of Sydney, Australia, that tested it on mice.

Even though it is too early to be absolutely certain that the exact same effect will also appear in human trials, the validity of the trial cannot be doubted since it included 25 diets thus covering a great number of different combinations of fat, carbohydrate, energy and protein levels.

Scientific breakthroughs that have to do with our nutrition are extremely important for a few reasons. Following a specific eating plan is an activity that usually doesn’t require any extra cost, habitually has no side effects and is easy to do. Unlike various medical products that promise the same thing but have numerous requirements and are also not guaranteed to work in all cases, nature is here to offer us a free alternative through food.

At the moment, the question of the healthiest diet still remains open. However, an eating plan that includes lots of vegetables and fruits is something that almost all nutritionist agree can go a long way toward good health and a prolonged lifespan.