Female Sexual Dysfunction

Unfortunately, not all women have been able to enjoy sexual activities fully due to various reasons. Unlike the case in men where the ED pills can easily solve some of their sexual problems, women’s conditions always tend to be more complex in nature.

Female sexual dysfunction, for example, is a sexual issue that prevents a woman from enjoying intercourse. This problem can manifest in various forms at the different stages of the sexual response cycle. It can be through e.g. lack of sufficient sexual excitement, the plateau, and inability to experience an orgasm among others.

What causes female sexual dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction is usually brought about by two main factors as we are going to see below:Turn On Sexual Play

1. Physical factors — regarding physical factors, we refer to the likes of physical well-being or the medical conditions that a woman could be suffering from. Research has proven that women who are having neurological diseases, diabetes and heart diseases are more likely to experience various forms of sexual dysfunction, unlike their counterparts who are healthy. Chronic diseases like liver failure and kidney diseases together with drug abuse can be a huge contributing factor to sexual dysfunctions. Certain medications such as antidepressants are also known to reduce female sexual desire and drive.

2. Psychological factors — sometimes a woman's inability to fully enjoy sex is not because of any disease, but it is simply due to psychological problems. Anxiety and stress are some of these factors that bar one from having a healthy intercourse. Sexual trauma and depression can make a woman's sexual excitement and drive go down significantly making it tough for her to participate in enjoyable intercourse.

Can female sexual dysfunction be treated?

Yes, it can. Female sexual dysfunction can indeed be treated, but it will need teamwork from various parties and not just the victim alone. A woman experiencing this problem will need to work together with a therapist, doctor, and even her partner. Many of the sexual dysfunctions that women suffer from can be treated by solving the cause which comes from either the physical factors or the psychological factors explained above.

Some of the ways that can be effective in treating this condition include:

Provision of sex education

Sexual education on human anatomy, sexual behaviors, functions and changes is very useful in treating sexual dysfunction. This is because it will help to reduce a woman's anxiety so that she can participate and enjoy the intercourse more freely.

Minimizing pain

Some women are unable to enjoy sex due to pain that can be because of vagina tightness or other factors. This problem can be solved through the usage of lubricants to reduce the pain.

Improving stimulation

If sexual excitement is the problem, then usage of erotic materials like books and videos can help to enhance stimulation.

Practicing non-coital behaviors

Non-coital behaviors like sensual massage can boost a woman’s relaxation and stimulation while improving communication between partners at the same time.