Depression: Important Things you should Know

Depression is not just about feeling unhappy. Everybody goes through a spell of being down but when it’s depression, there is a persistent feeling of sadness for weeks or months. Some people think that depression is not a disease; however, it is important to note that depression is a medically acknowledged illness with its symptoms.


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The 3 most Common Misconceptions about AIDS

The HIV virus and the medical condition known as AIDS (Acquired lmmuno-Deficiency Syndrome) are both known to men and women of all ages. It is a disease that has already cost the lives of millions of people around the world while there are approximately 35 million that are currently infected with the virus. It has been proven a very difficult opponent…

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The Ways to Help Cope with Chronic Pain

Doctors do not exactly understand chronic pain. They can make a few educated guesses but they do not really understand the condition. That will not stop them from pumping your body with all manner of chemicals that are likely to do more harm than actually extinguish your aches.

If you have chronic pain, these home remedies and treatments…

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Gonorrhea Bacterium Develops almost Total Antibiotic Resistance

One of the worse, if not the worst, nightmares of modern medicine is a specific category of microorganisms called superbugs. By that term, scientists describe all known pathogens that have developed a very strong resistance to antibiotics and other drugs that are normally used to fight them. One such case will soon be gonorrhea, according to the…

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Malaria: Historically, One of the World’s Deadliest Diseases

In 1999, the World Health Organization reported that malaria was the cause of about 200 million deaths in 1800s alone. Some studies claim that throughout human history malaria caused the deaths of about 50 billion people. These statistics distinctly show that this disease is the deadliest humans have ever faced. In fact, malaria is responsible for…

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Depression is Still a Leading Contributor to Insomnia

Though there are many causes of insomnia, depression still remains the key contributor, latest findings indicate.

According to the recent publication by WebMD online magazine, depression is to be blamed for the rising cases of insomnia. Statistics show that more and more people are not getting…

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The Zika Virus: Unborn Children are in Danger

The Zika virus is one of the most catastrophic epidemics to hit the world in modern times. This virus causes microcephaly, which is an incomplete development of the human brain. The disease manifests itself as an abnormally small head in infant children. In 2014, Brazil had 150 cases of babies…

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