3 most Common Misbeliefs about Bisexual People

A non-traditional sexual orientation of an individual is a very controversial issue that has been analyzed and studied by a big number of scientists all around the world. However, there is also another a group of people who are neither gay nor straight, but they could be loosely described as a “combination” of both. These people are called bisexual and find both genders sexually attractive.bisexuality

There are some myths that create stereotypes about bisexual people. Surprisingly, these stereotypes are followed not only by straight men and women, but some that are gay as well. Given the sensitivity of the matter, it goes without saying that there is no room for misinformation. Here are 3 most common misbeliefs people have about bisexuality.

1) Bisexual people are unfaithful

Of all the unfounded rumors, this one has to be the most offensive one. Being surrounded by many or a few people that we find attractive is not a criterion that can tell if we are faithful or not. Cheating is a decision that depends solely on the character of a person. In fact, Lisa Diamond, a well-known psychologist who has published more than a few books and papers about sexuality conducted a ten year study that brought some interesting results. According to the study, 90% of the bisexual women who participated in the study identified themselves as monogamous and were in long-term relationships at the time they answered the question.

2) There is no such thing as bisexual people; a person is either gay or straight

Once again, science is here to bring down yet another myth. Bisexuality has already been proven to exist after a very simple experiment. A team of researchers gathered a group that consisted of straight, gay and bisexual men. They were all shown clips that included various erotic scenes and were asked to rate the arousal they felt. In an effort to be even more objective, they were all connected to lab equipment that measured their arousal in terms of various changes in their body functions (increased heart rate etc). The conclusion, expectedly, was that straight men were only aroused by the films that included straight sexual activities while gay men were aroused by gay sex clips. But, bisexual men seemed to enjoy both types equally, and the lab equipment totally proved it. So, there is no question if bisexuality exists or not.

3) Bisexuality is just an experimentation phase in life that sooner or later ends

This is just an assumption that is not supported by any scientific study whatsoever. On the contrary, the aforementioned study by Lisa Diamond that proved the first myth wrong also gathered some evidence that bisexuality is not just a college experimental phase. About 92% of women who had discovered their bisexuality during a college time, a period after which many people claim that women who have sex with both genders switch to being straight again, still remained bisexual at the moment of the study and claimed their orientation didn't change at all.

It is extremely important to always form an opinion based on scientific proof and evidence, especially when that opinion may affect the life of other people and the degree to which they are accepted by a society.